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Q.1  What types of auctions or Boat Liquidation resources do I gain access to?

Q.2  Do you have any actual sales examples from the provided auction sources?

Q.3  Why doesn't everyone buy this way instead of paying retail through a dealership?

Q.4  What kind of condition can I expect a bank repo or auctioned boat to be in?

Q.5  How many marine & related type auction sources can I expect to find in my area?

Q.6  What is the process I can expect with "traditional" live auctions?

Q.7  What's the difference between Boat Auctions Direct and other member based                 auction sources?

Q.8  Why are these Boats, Trailors, PWC'S, RV'S, ATV's, etc. so cheap?

What types of auctions or Boat Liquidation Resources do I gain access to?

One of the advantages with Boat Auctions Direct is that although we emphasize and maintain hundreds of legitimate auction sources specific to Boats, PWC's, RV's, ATV's , Motorcycles & Equipment,  we don't limit our search to merely auction sources. The reason is because we often find exceptional bargains through other untapped resources as well.

In addition to auctions held on behalf of Banks, Credit Unions, Government agencies, Police Auctions, Estate liquidations, Dealers, Charitable organizations, Bankruptcy courts, etc.
we also provide access to sources that put you in front of "must sell" or highly motivated sellers.

Although many of our sources offer boats next to new or vessels with limited engine hours, we continue to notice a demand from DIY's who prefer to roll up their sleeves to put in a little "sweat equity". In response we've added a new "DIY" section that lists boat salvage sources across the country. Question Answered?

Are there any actual sales examples from these auction sources?

Check out our preview page for a sample of recent sales via. auction sources we provide.Preview Sales

Why doesn't everyone buy a boat this way instead of paying retail through an owner or dealer?

Many buyers are unaware of the significant savings, often as high as 90% that exist through repo or Government liquidation auctions simply because mainstream dictates the practice of buying new or used through traditional sources such as a dealer or private party.  For this reason many buyers don't understand thus acknowledge these sources as a legitimate option to finding extreme bargains.

It's been said that auctions are a protected source of revenue for dealerships and not advertised
to the general public. However, that is only true for dealer auctions. The fact is most auctions across this country are ones where absolutely anyone can participate. The key is knowing when and where they are.Question Answered?

What kind of condition can I expect these boats to be in?

Many assume that only older or neglected repossessed assets are liquidated.  Sometimes that is the case. However, newer and often well maintained assets are up for bid as well. Even more are boats that merely need minor or cosmetic touch ups or a simple cleaning. The cost of doing such typically more than justifies the equity value of the asset. Question Answered?

How many boats and marine related auctions or other bargain resources can I expect to find in my area or state?

As a member you will gain immediate access directly to auctions performed on behalf of lending institutions, Government agencies, Police Auctions, Estate liquidations, Dealers,
Charitable organizations, Bankruptcy courts, etc. However, our goal is to provide you specifically targeted sources that will offer marine related assets and equipment, RV's, ATV's, and Motorcycles.

Instead of trying to impress you with thousands of "mom and pop" auction sources that overwhelm
you with various items that may or may not be of any value; we weed out and maintain a database that is free of either dated, or worthless resources. In the end you save time searching and spend time comparing or making offers and bids on what intrests you most.

Nonetheless, you will still find hundreds and hundreds of specific sources to keep you more than satisfied. More specifically you can use our statewide "auction search" to see the number of available auctions to members in each state.Question Answered?

What is the process I can expect with "traditional" live auctions?

Live auctions represent the most familiar way of liquidating "must sell" assets. Typically, bidders who register are given 24-48 hours to inspect the asset. With regards to marine related assets we strongly encourage an inspection (some auction houses make inspection mandatory prior to bidding) and for a small fee you have the option of a sea trial as well.

Bidding often starts as low as $100 and depending upon the number of bidders in attendance
that particular day it is not uncommon to secure a repossessed boat, RV, ATV, etc. for 70-90% below book value.

Once the hammer drops and you are recognized as the highest bidder most auction sources typically require a small deposit followed by full payment to be made usually within 24 hours via. cash, certified funds or check. Shipping arrangements are typically the buyer's responsibility but sometimes can be arranged through the auction house.Question Answered?

What's the difference between this BoatAuctionsDirect.com  and other member based auction resources?

The fact that we specifically target and select only those auction resources relevant to what members want and expect is the fundamental difference between Boat Auctions Direct
and other member based auction sources. Again, our focus is to select Sources that offer Boats, PWC's, RV's, ATV's, Marine Equipment, and Motorcycles at rock bottom prices. We don't throw
1001 sources at you and hope a few "stick".

The few member based auction sources that are actually legitimate will offer members a wide
array of sources that will offer a little bit of everything. Doing so enables them to claim, "Over
3,000+ auctions.."  Are experience with other member based auction sources has proven to be extremely time consuming. Mainly due to the fact that a surprising number of source links are   either dated, dead-end links, or a complete waste of time.

Our database not only links you to relevant, worthwhile sources, but we also offer helpful strategies  so you get the most out of each without wasting time. In fact most of the sources we select will alert you via. email or RSS feed of an up and coming auction or asset you may be interested in.Question Answered?

Why are these boats Trailors, PWC'S, RV'S, ATV's, etc. so cheap?

Every day across North America thousands of distressed owners have elected to walk away from making payments on their new or next to new Car, Boat, PWC, RV, ATV, Motorcycle, etc. After several months of default a bank will typically have their collateral repossessed or seized leaving them or another local vendor with the task of liquidating the repo as quickly as possible. Here's why...

Most repossessed assets (especially boats) are auctioned off quickly since the cost of mooring vessels over time far outweighs the banks ability to recoup lost money. In other words it costs too much for a lender to hold out and get the best price on their repo. Consequently, banks will often rid themselves of non-performing marine assets for whatever they can get. In the case that you happen to be among a few or even the only bidder the savings is often significant. Question Answered?